14 February, 2017

Diana Malcangi, Studio Coré’s cosmetólogist, gives us some tips about makeup ideal for greasy skin with impurities and prone to have pimples and blackheads:
“An important aspect, especially associated with the psychological effects of the acne, is the makeup use that eventually allows to “hide” those undesired marks.

The makeups used (correction makeup) must be chosen carefully, due to that fact that the substances they sometimes contain may even worsen skin complexion.”

Avoid makeup base completely, both as liquid or compact cream form. These will clog up skin pores and and prevent the adequate lipid exchange with the exterior complicating the acne manifestation even more.

If you want to use a makeup base, a loose powder foundation is the best recommendation, silicone and oil free, that is applied with a sponge or with the fingers directly over the pimple.

Prolonged use of makeup is not advised.

Makeup should be worn at most two or three hours a day.

In case you were under a specific dermatologic treatment, avoid makeup completely, letting the skin breathe.

Help yourself with a good cream 
Diana Malcangi, Studio Coré´s cosmetologist, gives her professional insight as to what cosmetic creams are most suitable in acne cases.

She recommends lotions and creams with grease-regulation and keratolytic action: these substances act respectively reducing the grease production and eliminating the dead skin cells to maintain skin pores always unclogged.

Obviously, all cosmetic and dermatologic product treatments must be preceded by a skin cleaning using soap with an acid pH and immediately afterwards a soothing tonic.

“It’s important that cosmetics for acne skin not be prone to form more acne and at the same time sooth and hydrate the skin, to help defend against environmental aggressions as well as microbial ones and also redness. In spite that acne skin may hay impurities it still is sensible skin and needs a proper hydration.”

Among the Elicina line of products, which is best suited for this type of skin?

For greasy skin with impurities Elicina classic cream morning and night is best recommended, after a proper cleaning and for at least a two-month period, so that one can best observe the results. This helps best fight the dilated pores and the excess grease.

In fact, snail secretion contains many valuable ingredients for physiological skin condition restoration, hydrating, soothing pain, purifying and grease-regulation.

“In particularly sensitive skin, I suggest Elicina Plus Cream, enriched with special emolients to increase skin tolerance.”

We thank Diana and her help and shortly she will meet with us again to give us Agradecemos a Diana su ayuda, y en breve se reunirá de nuevo con nosotros para darnos unos cuantos consejos de maquillaje para pieles grasas y con acné.


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