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In general, old skin scars are much harder to mitigate in comparison to those recently formed. Therefore, you can expect results much later. Using the cream twice a day, results may not be noticeable until reaching the third or fourth month of application. Elicina can be used up to three times a day with the exception of the face which is a more delicate area.
With constant application you will observe results.
It is important to consider that all skin types are different and so are the many types of scars, therefore it is obvious that there are those who will obtain results before others.

Stretch marks are skin scar lesions produced due to the fragmentation of the dermis and the epidermis, when these skin layers aren’t elastic enough to compensate the mechanical or hormonal factors that produce the skin stretching.
According to the level of scarring, stretch marks present a different color:
1-Violet colored stretch marks: these are newly-formed stretch marks in an initial state of scar formation and are easier to treat with Elicina.
2-Pale-rose, colored stretch marks: this is where scar tissue is being formed and can be diminished with Elicina but needs more time in order to act (minimum one month).
3-Pearly-white, colored stretch marks: this is the phase where damaged tissue has been repaired, this is where you can see the definite scar. In this phase most of the regular cosmetics don’t offer results.
Instead, Elicina has shown that after two months of daily application scientifically-proven and visible results have been obtained in fine white stretch marks.
We advise best to apply in body areas where there are stretch marks and to be constant in its use in order to obtain visible results.

No. Studies have been performed in people affected with this condition but unfortunately without any positive results.

In cases where epidermis is drier and delicate, we advise to use Elicina plus Cream, the enriched version with emollients and moisturizers, specially indicated for this type of skin. Another alternative is to use Elicina Cream, regular formula, along with a good dry-skin, moisturizing cream. This way it can counteract if needed to the discomfort that can be caused by the natural, small presence of Glycolic Acid found in the snail secretion.

Yes, Elicina is a cream that’s fit to be used in all ages and for all types of skin. In Chile, the corporation for the help of burned children (COANIQUEM), is an institution devoted to helping children with burns and uses Elicina as part of their treatment on their patients (children from 6 months to 20 years of age), with excellent results.

We best advice to use Elicina day and night in small quantities over previously clean skin massaging it in delicately.
On the face we suggest not applying Elicina more than twice a day to avoid the excessive exfoliated effect and redness that can appear.
In other body areas, Elicina can be used even three times a day, in old scar regions, for example, where the cream needs to be in contact with the specific defect requiring more time in order to show results.
In case of any undesired reaction reduce the frequency of applications or suspend treatment altogether. Avoid direct eye contact and if this where the case, rinse with plenty of water.

After surgery, many times a patient may end forming thick scars that look like rough knots with darker skin color, called keloids.
Elicina application twice a day can help reduce thickness of such keloids and make them softer and whiter to an extent where they become imperceptible in some cases.
In surgical scars it is best advised to ask your physician when it is best to begin supplemental treatment with Elicina.

The general conception about allergies is somewhat complex. Someone may be allergies to a specific cosmetic ingredient but the only way to find out is testing a small amount of the product on one’s skin. This is why every producer or distributor in the cosmetic field is obligated by law to include a detailed, manufacturer’s ingredients list along with the sold product. If you know you’re allergic to a specific probable ingredient contained in the product you can identify it in the product’s packaging.
To furthermore guarantee our customer’s safety, we’ve decided to include on our web site a complete list of the ingredients in the respective product’s page.

No, Elicina Cream, Elicina Plus, Elicina AV and Elicina XT eye contour will not favor sun spot formation with direct sun exposure because they don’t have perfume. The glycolic acid content is so low that it won’t favor chromatic changes. Its effect is compensated with the presence of regenerative and nutrient substances like allantoin, collagen, elastin mucopolysaccharides and vitamins found in natural state in the snail extract.
These precious substances also act as an “after sun” express to soothe and regenerate red, irritated, sun-exposed skin.
During sun exposed hours, we always suggest using a strong sun screen facial lotion, especially if one’s been using Elicina for a long time. The skin most likely will have regenerated and will be “newer”, which could result in more sensitive and sun-spot prone skin in people with this tendency.
Keep in mind that the value of Elicina products resides in helping skin regeneration and thus to successfully fight against wrinkles, acne marks, age spots and scars, among others. For this type of applications it is advised to begin, whichever regerative treatment you may use, at the end of the exposure period, specially if the skin is delicate and prone to produce marks and dyschromias.

Yes, Elicina has proven to be an optimal coadyuvant in acne treatment. It successfully fights defects such as scars, dark pigment marks, redness and greasy skin. As shown in the strict efficiency tests and the always-positive opinions on behalf of our consumers.
The reasons why Elicina is so effective rely on its natural properties of its active ingredient in high concentrations, up to 80%.
In the snail extract glycolic acid can be found in a bioavailable form and in the adequate concentration to help keep the skin clean, regenerated, soft and without acne marks through time, thanks to its exfoliating effect. The purifying effect of glycolic acid is reinforced by its natural presence in the extract, of special peptides that help keep away bacterias and other microorganisms. Glycolic acid also has a light astringent effect that in time will help regulate the grease production.
Allantoin, also present in the extract in natural state, will contribute with its soothing effect to eliminate redness and irritations.
In only two months treatment time acne marks will diminish noticeably and in some cases visible improvements have been documented in only three weeks’ time using it day and night.
Constant use throughout time rewards with the best results.
We best advice Elicina twice a day application, massaging it gently on the face.

Ingrown hairs are a problem that can happen after shaving or waxing and thus affect men and women alike.
Applied immediately after shaving or waxing and using it regularly Elicina can help exfoliate skin that is retaining the hair follicle, setting it free. At the same time, Elicina can penetrate the follicle contributing to prevent eventual infections caused by an ingrown hair, decreasing chance of irritations and leaving the skin soft and elastic.

No. Even more, people with dry skin are encouraged to apply a moisturizer cream after having used Elicina.
If Elicina where to be used in conjunction with another cream that contains glycolic acid we best advice to consult a dermatologist because the exfoliating effect may be excessive and thus harmful to skin.

Yes. Elicina help reduce and diminish wrinkles thanks to its natural regeneration capacity, exfoliation and nutritive properties all found in the snail extract. Elicina contains 80% of this extract in many of its product formulations.
It’s important to always remember that the face is one of the body parts that’s most delicate, reason why the cream shouldn’t be applied more than twice a day. Your skin should be prepared prior to each application with a proper cleaning and a toner that’s right for your complexion. If your skin is dry we suggest you carefully read item 5 on this FAQ’s section. Should you experiment a tight skin sensation due to the Elicina exfoliation process or due to lack of moisturizers, you can apply the moisturizer of your choice. Use it after Elicina in order to avoid these inconveniences or simply reduce the frequency of Elicina application to just once per day.
After the first month of use you should be able to notice results on both expression lines and wrinkles.

Yes, Long ago Chilean farmers put live snails directly on their faces and, from what we gather, these would disappear in little time. With time and the progress of technology along with Mr. Bascunan’s discovery this active ingredient from the snail extract has been taken to a higher level. A cosmetic cream made from snail extract, bacteria-free and dermatologically tested. Elicina has to be applied on the wart and neighboring skin twice a day in small amounts and you will see results in a short period of time.

Peoples with sensitive skin can experience this reaction. It is usually as a response to the presence of Elicina’s natural exfoliant, glycolic acid. It’s important to point out that someone with sensitive skin especially on their face can lead to this reaction, moreover if they don’t pay attention to the recommended quantity and frequency of daily application. We suggest cleaning the face with warm water and neutral soap. Afterwards, a moisturizing cream especially in the most affected areas. This will ensure a better result, helping to avoid an aggressive skin reaction. Finally, apply Elicina in small quantities. As a rule of thumb, Elicina should be applied twice a day and in those cases of very sensitive skins it should only be applied once but following the previously described procedure. In case of persistent discomfort, product use should be discontinued.

The snail-extract, purifying, action effect can, at times, produce an accumulation of impurities beneath the skin to converge to one point and to later be eliminated due to the cream’s exfoliant effect. One has to keep in mind that this generally happens after the first few applications. If the problem persists, approximately more than a week, and the pimples don’t disappear, Elicina should be discontinued.

Definitely. Elicina was the the first natural snail cream made in the world. All the other snail extract creams are imitations of Elicina, the original product whose quality has never been surpassed.
Other creams have less percentage of snail extract and many claim they have more than they really contain.
Elicina is prestigious internationally and distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Of course, the synthetic “snail creams” are products that artificially imitate the natural snail extract components. Some of them contain higher percentages of allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and antibiotics than those naturally found in the extract BUT THIS DOESN’T MAKE THEM NECESSARILY BETTER. It’s more a QUALITY rather than QUANTITY or CONCENTRATION issue of the ingredients. The natural allantoin can achieve a cell regeneration far superior to that of a product that contains artificial allantoin…Same can be said with all the bioavailable elements present in the natural snail extract and that just can’t be found in the artificial ones. Their known effects and their absorption are far greater than those that come from synthetic reproductions. When has it been seen that artificial substances are better than those natural products to which they wish to imitate?
Elicina cream contains natural ingredients absolutely compatible with human live skin cells. Its application provides our skin the organic components it needs to reconstitute and repair itself in a safe and healthy way. No doubt, NATURE KNOWS BEST.

With Elicina cream this never happens. The snails which are used to manufacture Elicina products are kept all year in optimal climate, hygiene, feeding, humidity and temperature conditions in order to ensure the extract will not vary according to seasons. Regarding handling conditions our company “Elicina Cosmetics Ltd.” Has one of the best procedures worldwide in the care of these little creatures as is for the recollection of its extract. In fact, the snails used in the manufacturing of Elicina products aren’t harmed in any way during the recollection process.
An independent laboratory performs quality control assuring that the ingredient proportion is always the same.

Not at all. Elicina cream is odorless and doesn’t contain a “slimy” or greasy consistency. It’s a very light skin cream with pleasant consistency.

Elicina has been designed to be as natural as possible. Due to this there’s a 80% natural snail extract combined with only 20% excipients. In difference to other creams, no moisturizers, colorants or perfumes have been added.
This is why Elicina last more than the other products. When you pay for other creams, you pay for a great amount of moisturizers and artificial substances but not for natural snail extract.

Elicina cream is excellent as prevention in the initial phase of stretch marks that appear during pregnancy. It can be applied during this period with no problem because it doesn’t contain any toxic substance that can be dangerous to the mother or to the unborn baby in the gestation process.

Recent studies have shown that natural snail extract serves to gradually decrease cellulitis or to overcome the so-called, “orange skin”. It requires a more prolonged use.

The necessary time to obtain results depends on the skin problem to be treated and varies particularly in each case. ONE CAN AFFIRM that (on an average) in those cases with acne, sun spots and wrinkles caused by sunlight, results start to show after two weeks of continued use. In those cases of deep cell regeneration such as stretch marks, scars, burns and cellulite, evident signs mat begin to show after a full month of continued use.
It’s important to emphasize that any skin problem treated with Elicina requires the continuous and persistent use of the product. To naturally regenerate skin cells is a time-requiring process but the results are safe irreversible and evident.