/ Healing properties

The studies on the properties of snail extract and the efficiency of Elicina products has been confirmed by many studies, research and trials in a multitude of fields, from which few natural extracts can be presumed of.

The properties of snail extract are multiple, and its simultaneous action on our skin makes Elicina a unique cream.

  •    Hydration (reserve water) – thanks to mucopolysaccharides
  •    Healing power (useful in the treatment of shaving irritation) – thanks to the combined effect of allantoin, collagen and vitamins.
  •    Soothing effect (useful for redness caused by the sun or extreme cold) – thanks to allantoin combined with mucopolysaccharides and proteins.
  •    Nourishing and refreshing – thanks to proteins and vitamins
  •    Efficacy against wrinkles (by stimulation of collagen synthesis) – due to glycolic acid combined with collagen, elastin, vitamins and mucopolysaccharides.
  •    Anti-stretch marks – thanks to the exfoliating action of glycolic acid and the regenerating action of proteins and vitamins.
  •    Effective against acne marks, blemishes and scars – thanks to the exfoliating, softening, purifying and anti-greasy power of glycolic acid, offset by the calming effect of the other components.