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We give you our warmest welcome and invite you to share the history of this incredible finding, our creation and how we became a proud family business that exports to over 45 countries worldwide our beloved and prestigious product ELICINA.

Having confirmed the analysis, we decided to elaborate a handcrafted cream composed of 80% snail extract and 20% excipients, which we called ELICINA.

ELICINA was launched officially into the market in Santiago in January of 1995, with a massive national television, radio and press coverage as well as foreign media agencies. At noon of that January 19 and for the first time you could hear; “ELICINA, Snail Cream, Chilean world-wide invention.”

We were news in and beyond our frontiers and from that day on we have never stopped producing our beloved cream that has performed wonders for thousands of people in many parts of the world.

Because we are a family business, true and transparent, this is why I’ve decided to share our story with all of you. Unfortunately, as it always happens when a product is successful, there will always be imitations!

To our distinguished clients we sincerely thank you for your support over all these years and to our newcomers our warmest welcome to the great ELICINA family.

Sincerely yours.

Fernando Bascuñán Dockendorff

General Manager Elicina Cosmetics Ltd.