/ The secret

You hear everywhere that snail extract creams and lotions are spectacular for the skin; that they leave it soft and nourished with multiple proteins. But what else does this extract contain that makes it so special?

The analysis conducted to the extract of the Chilean land snail shows that it naturally contains the following elements:

  1. Allantoin
  2. Collagen and Elast
  3. Glycolic Acid

What is Allantoin?

It is a substance and one of the most widely used in cosmetics ingredients. It was discovered in the early twentieth century and is still used, but why?

Because it promotes skin regeneration. Allantoin shortens the time that takes the skin to heal, accelerating the natural process.

In addition, allantoin destroys dead skin, meaning that literally cleanses the skin and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.
And if that were not enough, this wonderful substance decreases the feeling of pain by acting as a mild sedative.
All our products contain allantoin ELICINA in large quantities, because our main ingredient is, and always will be, the snail extract.

What are the Collagen and Elastin?

They are substances responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of our skin.
As our skin loses these properties over the years, it is very important to use cosmetics that have collagen and elastin to help our tissues not to lose these attributes.
That is why the ELICINA products are so beneficial for mature skin, as our extract contains naturally high levels of collagen and elastin, being an efficient way to provide the skin firmness and elasticity lost over the years.

What is Glycolic Acid?

This horse of battle has a dual function:
– It is the substance that allows the exfoliation or peeling process by removing dead cells found on the surface of our skin;
– It is also able to reach the deeper layers of skin, rejuvenating and revitalizing because it brings oxygen and nutrients.
It is this ingredient that ELICINA products are excellent when it comes to fighting acne and mitigate or reduce wrinkles and spots from sun exposure or burns, as our snail extract contains glycolic acid in large quantities.