14 February, 2017

Dark spots in the skin are due to an increment in the melanin production, stimulated by sun exposure under certain physiological circumstances. These are the causes and the solutions for a healthier and homogenous skin. 

Summer is over and it’s marvelous sun is still in our mind and on our skin. The beginning of the fall season brings the fond memories of summer but for some of us it may have brought along a not so-wanted token, dark spots on the skin.

Sun exposure makes us prettier, nevertheless if its done for prolonged periods or without control it can produce pigmentation changes in the skin.

How to solve this?
In the first place, the spots are caused mainly by UV rays, reason why it’s important to always use high sunscreen protection or that it have specific UV ray filters or even better physical filters (like titanium dioxide) that has a barrier effect. Protection must be used both in summer as in winter.

It is best to choose a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with many colors, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, better said, the natural antioxidant colors that protect the skin and make it more sun resistant.

Chemical peelings and laser should be avoided, it’s true they do clear the treated areas but can also excessively attack the skin, this in turn can react staining itself even more.

In Elicina we suggest to use cosmetics perfume free and capable of softly exfoliating the skin, in the same manner that gradually they regenerate and nourish it. Elicina line of products is an excellent option.

The bioavailable substances Elicina products contain, all work on our skin in synchrony: glycolic acid, in a small amount has an exfoliating effect that eliminates the dead skin cells without harming the skin layers. Collagen and elastin have a nutritive and protective power that, when combined with the antioxidant capacity of the vitamins and soothing action of allantoin, contribute in obtaining a more firm and healthier skin. Finally the mucopolysaccharides, with their capacity to “trap” water, allow a continuous hydration which favor the natural physiological epidermal functions.
Elicina application, every day and night during a minimum of two months can give us a regenerated skin with a uniform color.


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