The natural complex of the components of the snail slime result essential and efficient for the mitigation of these kind of epidermis scars, due to its exfoliating, regenerating, reaffirming and softening action. The color of the stretchmarks depends on their evolution stage: red with a tint of purple is within the first phase of the healing of the wounds, pale pink or white are more into the final healing phase. The latest are the most difficult to treat. The efficiency of the product has been proven. Clinical tests, carried out by the University of Pavia (Spain) with voluntaries who used Elicina cream for two months, show how the stretchmarks, even those that were already white, are visibly reduced. The skin recovers its vital functions and shows itself more soft and uniform.


The intervention of the mucopolysaccharides and other components of the snail slime have, in fact, a purifying and regenerating action capable of reducing the visible signs caused by acne, keeping the skin hydrated, luminous and purified through time.
The exfoliating and purifying action of the glycolic acid, frees the pores helping the action of other substances. The allantoin plays a softening and healing action, diminishing the redness, while the vitamins and proteins nurture and regenerate the skin and fight with efficiency the results of acne.


The snail´s fluid and its precious constituents reach the deepest layers of the epidermis and, in a synergic action, are capable of making scars less visible and reducing any associated hyperpigmentation.


Elicina´s action becomes indispensable in cases of redness, due to the efficiency of softening and healing of the allantoin and the nutritive and regenerative power of the collagen and elastin naturally present in the snail’s slime. Its use assures the restoration of the natural physiology of the skin and the return of the cutaneous wellbeing. Best results are obtained when the product is used with frequency.


The studies of efficiency, carried out by the University of Pavia (Spain), have demonstrated that, with the intervention of Elicina cream, you can efficiently detect the discoloration of the skin.
Its valuable components, are capable in reducing the alterations of the pigmentation of the skin and keep it healthy and radiant, also guaranteeing a high tolerance in the treatment of a sensitive area of the skin like the face.
It´s suggested:
1.- Combine Elicina with a good sun block.
2.- During summer apply Elicina cream as an after sun soothing product due to its well know capacities to treat sensitive red skin.


Thanks to the exfoliating, nutritive and regenerative action of the snail’s slime, the antiesthetic skin marks can be visibly mitigated: the valuable substances that conform the snail slime, established and perfectly dosed by nature, have the capacity to revitalize the skin intensely and deeply nurture it, freeing the dead cells visibly contrasting the thickening and loss of tone. The skin will appear more firm, soft, radiant and regenerated.
Elicina cream is composed by 80% snail slime and does not contain any synthetic anti-wrinkle active. Its components act as a completely different mechanism, because they stimulate an intense cellular regeneration, slow process, but with long lasting effects. Neither does it contain mechanical fill-ins, which swell wrinkles instantly, and can falsely give an apparent result which can only last for so long.
The efficiency is real, the skin renews in depth, stimulated to recover its vital functions, and its rejuvenating effect is visible.


The 80% of snail slime, is the fundamental support for dry skin. The properties of the snail extract reach the deepest layers of the skin, recovering its vital functions. The presence of elastin and collagen, along with the vitamins and glycolic acid, nurture and soften the skin, eliminating the dryness and reestablish the hydration and natural elasticity of the skin.
For these dry skins, we´ve designed Elicina Plus cream, with the sole purpose of adding humectants to its 20% excipients, countering the sensation of tightness, dryness and even itchiness that these type of skins cause. With Elicina Plus, we help with the reestablishing process to a balanced skin, thanks to the snail slime´s properties, and make this transition easier and more pleasant.


To deal with this type of epidermis, the action of glycolic acid is indispensable. In fact, it´s exfoliating and purifying action acts mainly on the pore level eliminating impurities. Also, its action slightly acidifying wisely regulates the production of grease.
For combination and oily skins, it is recommended to use Elicina regular cream, not Elicina Plus.